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Ori Launches Cloud Bed Sofa Edition in North American Market

A woman sits on the sofa of a Cloud Bed, looking out the window

BOSTON, MA - Ori, the provider of multifunctional smart space solutions, today announced the Cloud Bed (sofa edition) is now available for purchase and installation in the North American market. Designed to increase usable square footage by creating two rooms – a bedroom and a living room – within the footprint of one space, the Cloud Bed (sofa edition) is the third smart space solution in the award-winning Ori Collection, joining the Pocket Closet and Studio Suite.

The Cloud Bed (sofa edition), which can be easily retrofitted into existing layouts requiring only a minimum 8’6’’ ceiling height, optimizes space by transforming to create both a dedicated living room and spacious bedroom in the same footprint. The innovative, robotic-powered solution utilizes underused ceiling space to accommodate a queen or king bed that descends for rest, relaxation and sleep, and ascends to reveal a modern sofa and living room area. The transformable nature of the Cloud Bed (sofa edition) enables multifunctional use of finite space, allowing residents to enjoy different modes of living without being limited either by cramped space or expensive single-use rooms.

An Ori Cloud Bed in an apartment with the bed down.

Ori’s products allow interior space to adapt to its occupants’ needs on demand, making it possible to live, work and play in the same place. As developers of residential spaces begin to shift away from static architectural design, Ori’s smart space solutions provide designers with a collection of products that create in-unit flexibility for improved tenant experience and optimization of building design. Ori challenges the notion that more square footage is needed to increase the functionality of living space.

“The launch of the Cloud Bed (sofa edition) comes at a time when people are spending more time in cramped apartments, and multifamily property owners are looking for ways to optimize and improve the utility, usability and flexibility of each square foot,” said Hasier Larrea, founder and CEO of Ori. “I’m a Cloud Bed user myself, which means that at night I have a large, comfortable bedroom, and during the day I use the same space as a spacious living room. I’m able to use the same room for two different modes of living, making my home more functional and much more affordable. Adding the Cloud Bed to our Ori collection means that solutions now exist for turning even the smallest of apartments into a flexible and versatile space that adapts on demand to the needs of its residents.”

A woman sits on the bed of an Ori Cloud Bed, stretching

Now available for purchase and installation in the North American market, The Cloud Bed (sofa edition) is modular, flat-packed and assembled on site with no components permanently attached to the space, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. The bed is cantilevered off of concealed steel rails that are anchored to a wall, and then balanced by a hidden counterweight connected by wire ropes running over pulleys. The Cloud Bed’s smart technology consists of robotic components that effortlessly move the bed at the touch of a button, a swipe of a finger or a voice command. The innovative smart space solution is UL certified with built-in safety features that include constant monitoring of the motors, obstacle protection and a manual power-loss mode.

Designed and engineered in the U.S., the Cloud Bed (sofa edition) is the third product in the Ori Collection, joining the award-winning Studio Suite, an all-in-one modular furniture solution that can be configured multiple ways to create a variety of multifunctional spaces, and the 2020 Architizer A+ Award-winning Pocket Closet, a transformable spatial solution and divider that creates a walk-in closet on-demand while also providing an entertainment center, home office and additional storage to any residential unit.