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Ori improves development economics

Developers can offer a truly unique in-unit amenity, improving building economics with apartments that feel, live and rent larger

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Increase Premiums

Residents pay for what matters — more space, more functionality, and more fun

Improve Absorption

Residents come (and stay!) for more than just the ‘wow’ factor. Expandable means living without compromise

Increase Density

Architecture teams can achieve unit count goals without adjusting the building envelope

Reduce Hard Costs

Or, they can reduce the square footage built while maintaining the same unit count

Ori creates expandability and generates value through a suite of apartment implementationsfive architectural integrations

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American Made

Ori is manufactured in America and assembled by experts on site

Safety Tested

Ori is UL Certified. The bed won’t fall, and kids and pets won’t get crushed

5-Year Warranty

Ori is tested for 20,000 cycles and is covered by a standard 5Y warranty

Two ways to increase your revenue per sqftincrease your revenue per sqft


Design with Ori

Value Engineer without Compromise
  1. Achieve density goals
  2. Decrease construction costs
  3. Increase functionality per sqft
  4. Offer more exciting units
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Value-Add with Ori

Retrofit existing designs
  1. Offer more exciting units
  2. Increase functionality per sqft
  3. No added construction costs
  4. Increase retention
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Who we're working with:

Design with our team's expertise available for any size projectjust right for your project and market.

Expandable Apartments, designed to fit your project and market

No two buildings are the same, which is why we work with developers and their architects to find the implementations that have the highest impact in their market.

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Don't trust us. Trust our development partners

"We needed to find a way to make smaller units more functional and comfortable—Ori helped us do that."

- Margarita Kvacheva, CEO at LBC Boston

"We’ve designed our micro and studio units around Ori specifically, and we will continue to find ways to partner with Ori for future projects."

- Russell Hunter, EVP of Development at Crawford Hoying

"Ori has been a slam dunk here at 360 Huguenot. It has allowed us to offer flexibility, functionality and efficiency for our residents and prospects."

- Jarrod Whitaker, SVP of Residential Operations at RXR

"It makes the space feel much bigger than what it actually is."

- Brett Currens, Development at Watermark Properties