Rendering of the medium oak-colored pocket closet from the front

Making the space for an expandable closet

With the touch of a button, Pocket Closet expands to reveal a covetable walk-in closet. From books to boots to bulky sweaters, the things that you love are out of the way, but always on hand.

How it works



  • Icon for customization
    Flexible shelving

    Adjustable hang bars and shelves can be customized to fit any storage needs.

  • Icon for division
    Division of space

    Holds clothes and belongings while offering an elegant solution for dividing up space.

  • Icon for media
    Media wall

    A space-saving, built-in display for books, plants, belongings and a 48” TV.

  • Icon for sound reduction
    Quick and quiet

    Opens to a full-sized walk-in closet in less than 20 seconds, all with the touch of a button.

  • Icon for table
    Hinge-down desk

    Pull down a multipurpose table for work, dining, art projects and more.

  • Icon for outlet
    Outlets for all

    With 2 built-in outlets and 2 USB ports for the hinge-down desk, it’s easy to stay charged up.

  • Icon for premium
    Premium materials

    Poplar imported from Spain in versatile white, light oak and dark walnut finishes.

  • Icon for configurable components
    Two configurations

    Can be built as a standalone feature or turn an existing closet into a walk-in.


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“We zeroed in on the Pocket Closet in particular because we wanted to ensure an above-standard amount of storage per unit as a market differentiation tool.” Brian C.
Ft. Worth, TX
“I never thought I’d have enough space for a walk-in closet in my bedroom until the Pocket Closet.” Tian L.
San Francisco, CA

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