Make room for rooms within rooms

A flexible solution to fixed floor plans, the Pocket Studio moves with your needs to create multiple rooms within one space. From bedroom to private office to living room to walk-in closet, the right space is revealed when you need it.

How it works



  • Icon for bed
    Bedroom mode

    Automatically creates a private alcove with a comfortable queen or full-size bed.

  • Icon for pullout table
    Pull-out table

    Make room for your workday or a dinner party with this multipurpose table.

  • Icon for media
    Media wall

    A space-saving, built-in display for books, plants, treasures and a 60” TV (50" maximum on Plus model)

  • Icon for sound reduction
    Quick and quiet

    Transforms from living room to bedroom in 30 seconds, with just the touch of a button.

  • Icon for closet
    Spacious closet

    Cut down on clutter with a two-sided closet that keeps everything within arm’s length.

  • Icon for table
    Writing desk

    An additional workspace makes it easy to find another space for work focus (Plus model only)

  • Icon for outlet
    Plugs for all

    With 4 built-in outlets and 4 USB ports, it’s easy to plug in and charge up.

  • Icon for premium
    Premium materials

    Crafted from poplar imported from Spain, in white, light oak and dark walnut finishes.


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“Ori bisects the room into 2 spaces so that it fixes your privacy and fixes the static-ness of the space.” Mark A.
Quincy, MA
“One of the primary benefits of Ori is your usable square footage is much greater than what you’re paying for.” Jonathan M.
Boston, MA
“It gives you more opportunity to have guests over and not worry about where they will sit.” Amina F.
Boston, MA

Collaborate with Ori

Want Ori in your building? We can help developers design Ori products into their space, whether it’s retrofit or new build.