Ori creates Expandable Apartments

Ori creates Expandable Apartments

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What are Expandable Apartments?

Expandable Apartments are dynamic spaces. Their walls move. Rooms appear and disappear on command, so you get far more than what you see. It's real estate that lets you live where you want, without sacrificing the space you need

More Space

Get an entire extra room, create more privacy, double your storage — or, do all three

Less Money

Expandable means more, for less. From rent to moving to furniture, the savings are undeniable

Quality of Life

When space adapts to you and not the other way around, it's easier to live the way you want

A Lot More Fun

Voice control, mood lighting, and more. Expandable isn't just functional, it's more fun

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Not in a big city? Not a problem







Proof is in the residents.residents

"When I saw it, I just fell in love."

- Naquaisa B.

"This is the future. It’s like having all the space of a one bedroom, but only paying for a studio."

- Matt W.

"I’m really excited when I come home."

- Summer H.

"Having that extra storage is crucial. I'd probably have to get rid of a lot of clothes."

- Evan W.