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10 Upsides of Living Alone

Yvonne Boulay
Ori Expandable Apartments are perfect for people that want to live alone.

There’s nothing better than having your own space, complete autonomy, and the freedom to create a living environment tailored to your preferences. While having roommates can be great for some, there are numerous advantages to flying solo. 

1. More Responsibility, More Independence

Living alone often means taking on more responsibilities, such as financial obligations, chores, and decision-making. While it may seem daunting, it also brings an increased sense of confidence and self-reliance. This may lead to learning a new skill like budgeting, or break bad habits like procrastinating.

2. The Luxury of Personal Space

Living alone is a luxury that may be worth every penny. It allows you to enjoy the uninterrupted peace and quiet of your own space. Say goodbye to the unexpected guests in your living room just as you step out of the shower, and hello to a living space that you’re always welcome in.

3. Freedom Without Compromise

Living with roommates often means compromise. You might have to adapt your lifestyle to accommodate theirs, from decorating choices to hosting social gatherings. When you live alone, you have the freedom to do as you please and invite friends over without any hesitation. Take sleep schedules, for instance. If you're an early to bed, early to rise type, you may have some natural conflicts with your night owl roommate who might make just a bit too much noise late in the night.

4. No Trust Issues with Bills

Having roommates can require a considerable amount of trust when it comes to paying bills. Selecting a stranger as a roommate from platforms like Facebook or Instagram can be risky. If you live alone, you won't have to worry about repeatedly venmo-requesting someone to pay their share of the electric bill. Being the sole account holder on your lease and utilities may be a lot of responsibility, but it’s a great way to boost your credit score!

5. No More Risking Friendships

Living with friends can sometimes put a strain on your relationships. Disagreements about dishes left in the sink or late-night disturbances can escalate quickly or cause tension. Living alone eliminates the risk of jeopardizing cherished friendships over silly roommate disputes. Don’t believe me? There are internet forums like reddit that are littered with stories of friends turned enemies after living with each other. While you and your bestie may click socially, things can be very different when it comes to day-to-day routines.

6. Customize Your Space

Your living space is a reflection of your personality and style. When you live alone, you have the power to decorate and arrange your apartment exactly as you please.  Say goodbye to your roommates ugly movie posters or cheesy “Live, Laugh, Love” decor — the walls are now yours.

7. Cleaning on Your Terms

Cleaning becomes more manageable when you're responsible only for your mess. You can clean on your schedule and, better yet, you won't have to take out the trash as often. When you live alone, you also have full control of your cabinet, fridge, and pantry space. Whether you love using clear containers to categorize your cereal or you have a cabinet of Tupperware bursting at the seams, it’s a bonus for anyone. 

8. Recharge Your Social Battery

Living alone provides you with the gift of breathing room. You can recharge your social battery without having to engage in small talk or share spaces when you'd rather have some alone time. This also includes the added benefit of returning home in any mood without having to put on a fake smile to avoid talking about it.

9. Accountability and Independence

Living solo means you're solely accountable for what happens in your apartment. If something gets damaged, you won't have to navigate the emotional burden of disappointing or angering a roommate. When maintenance needs to step in or an item needs to be replaced, you can do so with low stress.

10. Uninterrupted Personal Time

When living alone, your space becomes your haven. You can indulge in hobbies and activities without any distractions or judgment. You can dive into a good book, enjoy some self-care, or have a midnight snack without having to navigate someone else's schedule.

While there are responsibilities that come with managing your own apartment, living alone offers independence, freedom, and peace. The advantages of having complete control over your space, lifestyle, and decisions often outweigh the challenges. So, if you've ever dreamed of a life free from roommates, consider taking the leap and enjoy a space to call your own.

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