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8 years of Ori: New Tools and Exciting Milestones

Yvonne Boulay
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As we enter our 8th year as a company, Ori is expanding spaces for renters, as well as offerings for our partners. New cities, new digital products, and new partnerships have cemented 2023 as a year of massive growth for Ori.

Watch Ori CEO Hasier Larrea in our 2023 Q3 Review to understand how we see space differently.

Studio Living

We are shifting our focus to studios. Real estate development is getting harder and we want you to be able to make a higher revenue per square foot. We make better studios because our spaces are Expandable and Semi-Furnished. No one wants to feel like they are living in a dysfunctional shoebox, so we make studios that feel and function as if they were much larger.

The Ori Property Portal 

The Property Portal is Ori’s one-stop-shop to help you build with Ori on your next project. Here you can check-in throughout every step of the designing, ordering, and install processes. Every member of your team – developers, architects, and even leasing teams – can keep track of project progress, stay on top of deadlines, and have all important documents organized in one place.

Make an account, view case studies, and inquire about incorporating Ori into your upcoming projects. It’s that simple.

Ori Property Portal.

Ori is Everywhere

Over 1,000 units in 60 buildings across 30 cities – that’s no small feat. What’s even better? That number is only growing. Our revamped apartment listing site, known as our ILS, is where renters can browse and inquire about Ori units. This digital tool ensures we capture renter demand and can pass leads directly to your leasing teams. Renters can now filter based off location and Ori typology, ensuring that they find an Ori Expandable Apartment that’s right for them.

Ori Apartments available for rent.

Ori x Marriott

We're sharing our passion for design and innovation with the leader in hospitality. Our collaboration with Marriott creates rooms that offer more flexibility and space to our guests. Hotel owners can now create different or more room types without having to significantly change the floor-plate of their hotel. You can experience an Expandable Room for yourself in one of our 6 pilot cities: Nashville, D.C., Bethesda, Denver, Columbia, and Seattle.

Marriott Hotels have Ori Expandable rooms.

Appearance on Hit Netflix Show

​​We're thrilled to share that several Ori products are featured in two episodes of Hack My Home, Netflix’s hit show that ranked globally at #4. Ori CEO Hasier Larrea even makes an appearance in the first episode. Hack My Home is about four experts that team up to radically renovate homes for families that are struggling to make their cramped spaces work – a perfect fit for Ori.

See Ori o hit Netflix show "Hack My Home".

700,000 Instagram Followers

All eyes have been on Ori this year and renter interest has been skyrocketing. We’ve been rapidly growing our consumer following on all Ori social media platforms, but just hit a huge milestone: 700,000 Instagram Followers! Our YouTube, Tiktok, and Email Newsletter have also seen a tremendous increase in subscribers, assuring us that Expandable Living is here to stay.

Follow Ori on Instagram.

We invite you to live large in a smaller footprint.

Ori works with multifamily developers, using Expandable Apartments to create exciting and valuable homes for their market. We partner with some of the biggest names in real estate, design, and architecture, and want to collaborate with you, too.

Inquire here to find out how we can help your development needs, no matter the stage of the project.