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Apartment Tours: Skyline Tower featuring the Cloud Bed and Pocket Closet

Andrew Littlefield
A studio apartment in Long Island City with an Ori Pocket Closet and Cloud Bed

Micro-studios with the Ori Cloud Bed and Pocket Closet turn these condos into multi-room experiences, with room to play, work, and relax.

Typically in a studio, your bed is always out and in the way. With the Cloud Bed, you can effortlessly transform your condo from bedroom to living room in just seconds.

A studio apartment floor plan with an Ori Cloud Bed and Pocket Closet

Across from the Cloud Bed is the Ori Pocket Closet. When closed, the Pocket Closet serves as an entertainment center, giving residents the perfect place to display their television. Below the television is a hidden writing desk that can be used for working, a mini-bar, or a make-up vanity.

When opened, the Pocket Closet creates a walk-in closet experience with integrated, dimmable lighting so you can pick the perfect outfit for the day.

The inside of an Ori Pocket Closet

The Ori upgrade is available for buyers at Skyline Tower to transform their studio units. Visit for more information.

An Ori Cloud Bed inside a studio apartment