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How Crawford Hoying Brought New Life to Dublin, OH with Ori

Andrew Littlefield
A sign that reads "Bridge Park"

Russ Hunter knew that tastes were changing in the real estate market.

For over a decade, residents had been trending towards a preference for living in walkable communities—but not necessarily in the middle of urban cores. But creating walkable communities in car-reliant suburbs takes more than just building some new apartments. Residents at these apartments need places to go and things to do. In short, they needed to create an entire town.

Which is precisely what Hunter and his team at Crawford Hoying did in Dublin, Ohio with Bridge Park.

Creating density also means building smaller floor plans. But smaller apartments can be a turnoff, particularly to someone who is used to suburban living. To solve this problem, Crawford Hoying turned to Ori to create exceptional apartments that feel large, despite their small footprint.

After initial evaluation of the products, Crawford Hoying's team opted to redesign their floor plans specifically to fit the Pocket Studio Plus. This allowed them to create smaller floor plans without sacrificing livability, thus significantly reducing their construction costs per unit.

The results have been astounding, with all Ori-powered suites leased and high marks from residents.

“Typically with studios, you have to sacrifice a lot, but the Ori unit completely takes away that sacrifice,” says resident Jamison D. “It just gives me so many options.”

“We’ve designed our micro and studio units around Ori specifically, and we will continue to find ways to partner with Ori for future projects.”