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Evan's Sunny Fort Worth Apartment, Featuring the Pocket Closet

Andrew Littlefield
A man poses in front of an Ori Pocket Closet in a studio apartment in Fort Worth, TX

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but that’s only part of the story.

Evan—a resident at Ramble & Rose in Fort Worth—certainly lives a big lifestyle. He’s got a big family, lots of friends who he enjoys hosting at his apartment, a love for motorcycles and exploring the Texas countryside, and a career that sees him coding one day and meeting with clients the next.

With all that packed into his life, you may think he needs a mansion to live in.

“I actually prefer to live in a small space, since it forces you to consider how you arrange things more,” says the software engineer and native of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Evan’s Fort Worth apartment is just 580 square feet. But because it features the Ori Pocket Closet, Evan has the room he needs for his possessions and the flexibility he needs for his life.

Evan’s apartment is full of comfortable and welcoming personal touches. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by large plants that take full advantage of the natural light that pours in through the windows. A comfy sofa is flanked by a small bar and shelves with memorabilia from some of Evan’s favorite films.

A studio apartment floor plan featuring the Ori Pocket Closet in Fort Worth, TX

The open kitchen is where Evan says people like to gather when they come over to hang out, but don’t expect to find anything cooking. “Any tasty smells in this place are usually coming from some delivery and not from me cooking.”

A man stands in the kitchen of his apartment in Fort Worth, TX

In the hallway leading to the bedroom is a gallery wall containing photos of his family, surrounding a beautiful print of a heart.

Art and family photos hanging on the wall of an apartment

The bedroom is where you’ll find the eight foot Pocket Closet, opposite his queen bed. On the exterior side of the Pocket Closet, Evan has a work-from-home set-up that takes full advantage of the hidden fold-down desk. Dual monitors give him plenty of screen real estate both for work tasks and personal side-projects.

A man shows his Ori Pocket Closet in a studio apartment in Fort Worth, TX

With his Google Home device, Evan can open the Pocket Closet to create an expansive walk-in closet with a simple command: “Hey Google, open the closet.”

Inside is a neatly organized wardrobe with everything he needs to look his best. Button-downs, t-shirts, jeans, belts, dress shoes, sneakers, suits and more.

“I kind of think of this like my Bat Cave, and that’s how I pitch it to my friends because we’re all kind of nerdy like that.”

A man stands inside his walk-in closet, an Ori Pocket Closet.

With the extra space his Pocket Closet provides, Evan can use the other storage offered by the apartment for things like his motorcycle gear, which he uses to explore the area on weekends. “As anyone who rides will tell you, you’re always collecting more gear and it takes up a lot of space.”

So what would life be like without the Pocket Closet?

"Having that extra storage is crucial, especially in a small space,\" says Evan. \"I’d probably have to get rid of a lot of clothes." Knowing Evan, that just wouldn’t fly.

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