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How Nova Quincy Uses Ori to Improve Resident Experience and ROI

Andrew Littlefield
An apartment building in Quincy, MA outside of Boston

Like many developers, LBC Boston faced a challenge—how to balance rising construction costs with a great resident experience.

As construction costs rose, the team sought to create smaller units that were more economical to build. But as smaller units often come at the expense of resident experience, LBC Boston’s CEO realized more was needed to create small floor plans that felt large and luxurious.

Enter Ori’s Pocket Studio Plus.

The Pocket Studio Plus turns a typical cramped studio into a multi-room experience that feels and lives more like a one-bedroom apartment. Rather than the bed dominating the room at all times, the bed is hidden when not in use, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable living area that doesn’t feel like a bedroom. When they do want to transform their space into a bedroom, residents simply touch a button on the Pocket Studio Plus to effortlessly bring the bed out, and to put it away when it is no longer needed. And to top it all off, the Pocket Studio Plus provides massive amounts of storage—so often lacking in a studio—giving residents an on-demand walk-in closet of their dreams.

An Ori Pocket Studio inside a studio apartment in Quincy, MA outside of Boston.

"I used to live in the bigger apartment in Cambridge, but I feel like the way I'm using my space here in the apartment that is probably three times smaller is so much more optimized,"

says Tanya F., a resident at Nova Quincy.

"I love seeing people's reaction (to Ori)," says Margarita Kvacheva, CEO at LBC Boston. "When they realize you can control it with your phone, Alexa, or the touch of a button, they're mesmerized."