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Ori Releases New Video Showcasing Magic of Expandable Living

Hasier Larrea

Today, Ori releases an inspiring new video showcasing the power and magic of Expandable living. 

When we launched Ori eight years ago, we asked ourselves how we could make buildings: more affordable for people, more sustainable for the planet, and more profitable for real estate developers.

All much easier said than done. To do so, we needed to make smaller spaces more aspirational and upend the notion that square footage is the only measure of value. We needed an architectural intervention that could challenge the status quo of how we build and inhabit space — something that’s only ever been done a handful of times before. For inspiration, we looked to an old friend: the elevator.

Elevators made it possible for cities to grow vertically and foster more human interaction, societal progress, and economic growth, all the while reducing the impact of a growing human population on limited resources by making it feasible to build more while consuming less land.

We used these same principles to push the boundaries of small space design — using technology to create smaller apartments that are not only the coolest, the most functional, and the most livable, but which can also be the most affordable apartments on the market. We took the idea further by ensuring these apartments could be the most profitable to build, making it possible to develop truly appealing, sustainable and affordable residential spaces.

At Ori, we believe everyone should be able to live in vibrant communities, without sacrificing the space and functionality they need. We also believe that we all share a responsibility to dramatically reduce our strain on this planet’s resources. And we understand that in real estate, the best way to accomplish both of these things is to make these goals align with market realities.

So, we created Ori Expandable Apartments.

Ori Expandable Apartments make living better and more affordable for consumers, more sustainable for the environment, and more profitable for developers. That’s a win-win-win, and it is happening now. Today’s video showcases the types of Ori Expandable Apartments that more than 1,000 residents in more than 30 cities across North America are already living in, with thousands more Ori Expandable Apartments available soon!

We invite you to experience an Ori Expandable Apartment for yourself! Join the Expandable movement today at