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RXR and Ori: Creating Exceptional Resident Experiences Together

Andrew Littlefield
A drone shot of a high rise apartment building in New Rochelle, NY

RXR Realty had a clear goal when designing and building 360 Huguenot in New Rochelle, NY—deliver innovative, thoughtfully designed, high-quality housing with easy access to the nation’s biggest city at an affordable price.

As one of the nation’s preeminent real estate developers, RXR focuses on transit-oriented developments that allow residents easy access to urban cores, while avoiding the high costs of living directly in the city. While New Rochelle checks these boxes, RXR was also looking to further innovate, and to provide residents with flexible living options that would deliver a better residential experience.

For that, RXR turned to Ori. RXR partnered with Ori to offer flexible studios in two floor plan stacks of the building that feature two of Ori’s transformable living systems. One studio floor plan incorporates an Ori Pocket Closet to create a junior one-bedroom with an expandable walk-in closet on demand, an entertainment center and desk space. The other studio floor plan features the Ori Pocket Studio, which creates a sleeping area on demand, but hides the bed when it’s not needed to allow for a spacious living area with an entertainment center and additional storage. Both Ori products transform spaces effortlessly, at the touch of a button or with a voice command.

“Ori has been a slam dunk here at 360 Huguenot,” says Jarrod Whitaker, Senior Vice President of Residential Operations at RXR. “It has allowed us to offer flexibility, functionality and efficiency for our residents and prospects.”

Ori’s products create a win-win for developers and tenants.

“With these systems, we’re able to create an offering in-between the studio and the one bedroom,” says Ori founder and CEO Hasier Larrea. “That creates more optionality and affordability for the tenants. But it also creates a price per square foot premium for developers, which is so important for their underwriting.”

The Pocket Closet

In one set of studios, RXR opted to install Ori Pocket Closets to serve as a room divider. A common complaint regarding studio layouts is the lack of privacy, with the residents bed always out and in the way. The Pocket Closet in this setting acts as a room divider, which offers a level of privacy for residents and guests, and a separation of space for couples. But beyond just partitioning the space, the Pocket Closet provides a walk-in closet with ample storage, a media wall, and a workstation

Pocket Studio

In the second set of studios, RXR installed the Ori Pocket Studio. This product combines a bed, media unit, work table, and walk-in closet all into one. This setup is ideal for residents seeking a semi-furnished solution, allowing them to move in immediately without the hassle of shopping for or moving furniture.