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Ori Transforms Urban Living with Launch in Select U.S. and Canadian Cities

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Boston, Mass. —

Today, Ori, Inc., creator of intelligent, responsive systems that enable the elegant and effortless transformation of interior space, announced the commercial launch of its first product family: the Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems. Currently showcased in select, modern apartment buildings located in ten of the most influential cities in the United States and Canada, the two systems are exclusively available for pre-order by real-estate developers at Ori will begin delivery of the systems later this year.

The Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems are the first family of systems powered by Ori Technology, which combines robotics, architecture and design to unlock a new concept of space, one in which interior space intelligently and effortlessly adapts to our everyday activities and lifestyle. With the simple touch of the on-device interface or the Ori mobile app, the Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems quickly and easily transforms a small living space from one function to another. For example, the full or queen-sized bedroom transforms into a comfortable living room, a spacious walk-in-closet or a functional office. Ori systems can connect to existing smart home ecosystems for additional ease of use and convenience.

“The Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems will transform the experience of contemporary urban living. Ori Technology animates the furniture, walls and other parts of the living space in ways that maximize space, comfort and living,” said Ori CEO and Founder Hasier Larrea. “However, Ori’s vision is much broader. This first family of systems is just one of many applications of Ori Technology. We will continue to explore more spatial challenges and create new families of Ori systems for a variety of interior settings. ”

The Ori systems are available in ten cities, including Seattle, and Ori has partnered with the following real-estate developers to install Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems at these modern apartment complexes:

In collaboration with world-renowned designer Yves Béhar, Ori designed and developed the first application of the Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems to address the challenge of compromised living in shrinking urban residential spaces as illustrated in the Urban Land Institute study “The Macro View on Micro Units. Traditional studio apartments fall short in efficiency, functionality, design and livability. These deficiencies manifest in a lack of division of space, lack of proper entertaining area or diminished space dedicated to storage. Ori’s systems provide an intelligent approach to these challenges: inspiring a dynamic living environment that is interactive and seamlessly fits into everyday life. The Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems have been designed with a contemporary selection of materials, finishes and colors.

“The Eugene, the 67-story luxury residence at Manhattan West, provides an unparalleled living experience that incorporates the latest thinking in design, convenience and style,” said Maria Masi, Vice President, Development, Brookfield Property Partners. “That’s why The Eugene is the perfect setting to showcase the forward-thinking Ori systems, which create a beautiful and transformative living environment unlike anything we have seen before.”

The latest version of the Ori app is available in the iTunes App Store and enables users to discover additional functionalities for their Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems, including autonomous movement and pre-sets.