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Ori x Solaire Venice: Expandable Makes Coliving Better

Yvonne Boulay
A rooftop patio on a sunny day

You can live where you want for a price that beats comparable units, without sacrificing the space and functionality you need. Welcome to the future – Ori Apartments at Solaire Venice.

At Ori, we think you should live in a space that adapts to you, not the other way around. Our Expandable Apartments at Solaire Venice not only allow you to live large in a small footprint, but allows you to stop living to work – and start working to live.

Overview of Coliving 

Coliving offers a unique way to share living spaces, creating a communal living arrangement that is flexible, affordable, and socially engaging. Unlike traditional apartments where each tenant or family rents or owns their own unit, coliving apartments emphasize shared amenities and a sense of community among residents. 

To learn more about what coliving is and its benefits, read our article here.

Life with Ori

At Solaire Venice, your rent includes a furnished private bedroom with an Ori Cloud Bed Sofa, which includes an 8” memory foam mattress, adjustable LED lighting, and convenient outlets built-in. Unlike most coliving spaces that only have a shared living area to invite guests over to, you can now have your own private living room with a push of a button. Say goodbye to entertaining on your bed, and hello to additional space you proudly get to call your own.

Because coliving apartments are fully furnished, there’s not much freedom to make your space your own. But with Ori, the Cloud Bed’s sleek, modern design will fit with any decor and personal style. You can decorate your space any way you like, making your apartment feel that much more like home.

Ori Apartments at Common Venice are the best option for renters for more space..

Expandable Living

The key benefit of Expandable Apartments is their ability to transform and adjust to different activities or lifestyles. Your bed goes unused 16 hours a day – so that's valuable square footage you're paying for! Why not use it 24 hours a day by effortlessly hiding your bed in the ceiling to reveal a living room or home office space underneath. The goal is to maximize the utility of the available space and offer residents the freedom to customize their living environment with a push of a button.

Life at Solaire

As a Solaire coliving member, your shared suite will have a fully-furnished living room, high-end kitchen, and dining area, furnished with pieces from West Elm and Restoration Hardware. Appliances, cutlery, and household essentials including toilet paper, dish washing soap, sponges, and laundry detergent are also provided. In addition to every-day items included in your rent, so are utilities, high-speed internet, in-unit laundry, and professional cleaning services.

Ori Apartments at Common Venice are amazing.

Solaire Venice Events

Coliving is a social and collaborative environment. Solaire Venice has community spaces, perfect for a potluck meal, movie night, or book club with your neighbors. They also coordinate community events that are curated by their member services team, such as archery classes, group brunches, and bike rides. With the Solaire app, members can access the member directory and stay up to date on the latest social gatherings. You can also create your own events! 

Why is Coliving So Popular?

Coliving has gained popularity in recent years because it is an affordable, unique way for young professionals to live. With rising rent prices in many urban areas, coliving offers a more attainable alternative. Coliving is a great option for those who want to move to a new city but don’t want to pay costly rent and furniture prices for a regular apartment. With coliving, you can attain the look and feel of a high-end apartment at a budget price.

At Ori, we don’t believe that living where you want should mean living in a cramped and cluttered space. Expandable Apartments provide a reliable solution to the challenges posed by urban living. You should be able to make the most of your living area, no matter the size or layout of the apartment.

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