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Personal Space with Hasier: Introducing the Cloud Bed

Andrew Littlefield
Ori CEO Hasier Larrea sits on the sofa of an Ori Cloud Bed

Have you heard the big news? Ori is now offering the Cloud Bed directly to consumers in the NYC area!

The Cloud Bed is already transforming spaces from St. Louis to San Francisco and we couldn't be more excited to make it available to even more people. Recently, we visited the home of Ori founder and CEO Hasier Larrea to see how he uses the Cloud Bed to transform his own personal space.

Check out the interview below, and reserve your Cloud Bed today!

Why did you start Ori?

To make cities better? There are two massive challenges with real estate in cities these days: One is the lack of sustainability of real estate, and the other one is the lack of affordability. So we want to do our part to solve them both.

What impact do you see already having on the world?

We want to prove to people that they don't need as much space as they think they need. The way we do that is by empowering them to live large in a small footprint.

Where does the name Ori come from?

Ori comes from \"origami,\" which in Japanese means \"to fold.\" When you look at the interface on Ori products, you can even see the origami reference in our logo.

How was the Cloud Bed created?

A lot of great minds came together. First of all, we came out of MIT as a company. We had a professor, an architect named Kent Larson, that thought through the industrial design aspect for Ori products. The world-renowned designer Yves Behar came up with the user interface and control methods that we use in all our products.

What do you do with all the extra space the Cloud Bed gives you?

A lot of things! First of all, I have a work-from-home set up. I love hanging out on the couch with my notebook and my laptop. Coming from where I come from, a good siesta is always appreciated. I can play board games. I can do workouts. With so much space. Sometimes I even think I could do soccer training. Well, not really.

And of course it is a bedroom.

How has your life improved now that you have a Cloud Bed?

Pretty straightforward, I now have an extra room.

Voice control, button control, or app control—which is your favorite?

I'm actually pretty analog when it comes to moving the bed up and down, so I press the button.

But I love voice or the app for the lights.

What's your favorite thing about the Cloud Bed?

The things that go unnoticed, like the lights, for example. The canopy system not only hides your bed completely, but it also provides all the light that you need in the room.

Who loves the Cloud Bed more, you or your wife?

I would say she does. When we first got it, she said to me "We can NEVER go back to a regular bed!"

Do you just never make your bed anymore?

When I have visitors, I'll make it. But the whole point is that you don't have to anymore. It can be a mess and it just disappears.

How long does it take the Cloud Bed to transform?

I did not know until last week when someone asked me specifically, because I never thought about it. It's just moving while I'm doing something else. But now I know it's 27 seconds going up.

Do you ever raise or lower the bed just for fun?

I will admit, sometimes I have that James Bond moment with friends when they come over and I get to show off all the Ori products.

Is the Cloud Bed safe?

We safety certify our products like any other appliance at home. On top of that, you can stop the movement with just two fingers.

How much does it cost?

The base version starts at $16,000. That's real money, but you shouldn't think about it as buying furniture or a product. You should think about it as buying an extra room, which is so much more expensive in this city.

Now that you've experienced living with a Cloud Bed, could you imagine living without one?

If I didn't have a Cloud Bed, I would probably be looking for a bigger apartment, which means I would have to leave this neighborhood, which I absolutely love. So as I said at the beginning, the Cloud Bed helps me live large in a smaller footprint.

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