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Say Goodbye to Traditional Studios in Tampa

Fox 13 News

In downtown Tampa, Florida, a new apartment building is set to open in Fall of 2024 featuring Ori Cloud Bed—the latest in Expandable Apartment technology. The building, located on Whiting Street, will consist of over 100 small apartments, mostly studios.

By utilizing the Cloud Bed, these Expandable Studios will eliminate the need for a traditional bed taking up space in the middle of the room. In the morning, the bed can be easily cradled back up into the ceiling, creating more usable space in the apartment.

The landing real estate group, Chris Bicho, is responsible for the construction of the 701 Whiting Street building. The Ori Cloud bed comes standard in each of the 400 square foot apartments, creating a living space that feels more like a 500-550 square foot studio. The monthly rent is projected to be around $2,000 to $2,400. The developers are using precast concrete structures to put the building together piece by piece, like a puzzle, with the superstructure going up in six months.

701 Whiting Street building is set to transform the downtown Tampa living experience. With new technologies and innovative building techniques, the developers are hoping to create an affordable, modern living space for a new generation of residents.