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River West’s Newest Development Property, Avenir, Introduces Smart Suites With Ori

A woman sits at the desk of her Ori Pocket Studio

Chicago, Ill. —

Driven by the pursuit of improved functionality and efficiency, Ori is changing the way in which residents think about and utilize their living space. River West’s newest high-rise apartment building, Avenir (730 N. Milwaukee Ave.), is the first in Chicago to debut Smart Suites with Ori in 45 studio apartments, creating an entirely new way of living with dynamic furniture that is functional, effortless and beautiful.

“Introducing Ori products to the Chicago market at this scale is a true testament to the increasing need to maximize space in an ever-changing landscape, while still being able to offer quality, comfort and allure,” said Ori CEO Hasier Larrea. “Working so closely with the developers of Avenir has created a unique and successful synergy that not only brings their vision to life but highlights the value that Ori systems are able bring to the quality of living.”

Founded in 2015 by Larrea and a team of MIT researchers, Ori systems not only save space, but allow people to “live large in a small footprint.” Smart Suites with Ori at Avenir address the main challenges of studio living by utilizing a built-in, movable system adding an abundant amount of extra storage space, concealing a bed when not in use and allowing the space to easily divide and transform into a dining room, exercise area, work space and more, at the touch of a button.

The stunning furniture system, which comes in two styles, Original or Slim, and two color variations including oak and white, features an entertainment center, storage space, 50 - 60” TV nook (depending on which style unit), full size bed and more. Robotic components including the skeletal frame, mechanical muscle and software intelligence allow the furniture to move at the touch of a button controlled by the Ori interface, Ori app or via voice control integrated with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Avenir offers four different studio layouts, all maximizing the space in the most thoughtful and dynamic way.

Avenir is Ori’s largest project to date, maximizing an urban market with incredible residential growth in the River West neighborhood. Developed by Tandem Development, Avenir, meaning “future,” represents modern, high-tech, functional yet beautiful space, which aligns with Ori’s ethos of seeing space differently and utilising it to the utmost ability.

"After having worked with Ori systems for several years, our team now optimizes unit layouts by planning for Smart Suites with Ori during the design development phase,” said Tandem Development Manager Jeffrey Hreben. “We consider how we can fully integrate Ori into unit configurations that maximize architectural efficiency even more than an Ori system provides on its own. Ori has enabled us to devote more floor area to usable space--monetized in more rent or greater marketability--and has unlocked greater flexibility in the allocation of all types of space in our developments.\"

Smart Suites with Ori are currently available for lease. For more information, visit