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What is a Flex Room?

Yvonne Boulay
A multi-purpose room interior featuring an office desk, book shelf, dresser, and filing cabinet

The extra rooms you see in larger homes like an office, a gym, and spare bedrooms can be a luxury to some. Making do with what little square footage you have can be a challenge in itself, let alone the planning and organization it takes to make a room truly multi-functional.

What is a Flex Room?

A multi-purpose room, otherwise known as a flex room, is a space that doubles – or in some cases even triples – in use. For example, you may have an office with a daybed or futon that doubles as a guest bedroom. Or, you may use your garage as a workshop, for storage, and a home gym. 

A flex room is about making the most out of limited space by creating a versatile environment that can easily transition from one purpose to another.

What are the benefits of a flex room?

Flex rooms offer a versatile and adaptable space within a home, providing renters or homeowners with a range of benefits. One significant advantage is the ability to customize the room based on your changing needs. Whether it's used as a home office, a guest bedroom, a playroom, or a fitness area, the flexibility of these rooms allows for an easy transformation to suit what’s needed in the household. This adaptability ensures that homeowners can make the most out of their living space and maximize its functionality without the need for extensive renovations or additional construction.

  1. Efficient Use of Space: Making every limited square foot count
  2. Adaptability: Design a room to transform and evolve to suit different needs.
  3. Multifunctionality: A single space to serve various purposes without compromise.
  4. Enhanced Quality of Life: A space that enables your lifestyle, rather than restricting it.

Flex rooms also contribute to improved organization and efficiency within a home or apartment. With designated spaces for various activities, households can better manage their daily routines. Flex rooms are especially beneficial in accommodating the evolving needs of modern families, where individuals may juggle multiple roles and require adaptable spaces that can seamlessly transition between work, play, and relaxation.

What are the drawbacks of a flex room?

Renters may find it particularly difficult to create a flex room in their apartment. An extra bedroom is typically occupied by a roommate, and your work-from-home Zoom background may be your bedframe. Without a designated four walls or enough storage space for extra items, multi-purpose rooms in apartments may be difficult to create.

Popular Uses for Flex Rooms

How you utilize your flex room is entirely up to you—the possibilities are unlimited!

The Flex Room Solution for Renters

Transforming your space to meet various needs should be easy. Picture a bed seamlessly transitioning into a workspace during the day without having to move large furniture around. You can ease into a productive environment without worrying about extra clutter.

Enter the Ori Cloud Bed—a piece of furniture designed to revolutionize the way we view our living spaces. 

The Ori Cloud Bed

Our innovative approach to furniture design ensures that every square foot of your apartment is utilized efficiently – and it’s as easy as pushing a button.

The Ori Cloud Bed lifts to reveal either a sofa, table, or desk, and the Ori Pocket Studio is a media center, closet, and bed all in one. With Ori, you get a clear division of space between work and play in the same room.

The best part? You can rent an Ori Apartment today in 40+ cities across the U.S. and Canada. View all available listings here.

Maximizing Square Footage

Here at Ori, we don’t believe that more square footage equals a higher quality of life. Instead, we propose that the key to comfortable living lies in making a space more functional with less effort. Imagine living in a 200-square-foot apartment where each area serves a distinct purpose – a bedroom, a home office, a dining room, and more. Suddenly, what might seem cramped becomes a luxurious and efficient living space.

Living spaces shouldn’t dictate our lifestyles. They should expand and adapt to meet our needs. You don’t need a large home or an extra four walls to have a flex room as a renter. By renting an Ori Expandable Apartment, functionality is at your fingertips.