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What Is A Semi-Furnished Apartment?

Yvonne Boulay
A Semi-Furnished Apartment with an expandable Ori Cloud Bed.

When it comes to renting an apartment, renters today face two options. You can sign a lease and move into an empty apartment—a floor, a ceiling, a couple windows, and some freshly painted walls (if you’re lucky!) Or, you can move into a fully-furnished apartment…at triple the price.

We want to introduce you to a better option: Semi-Furnished.

Semi-Furnished apartments provide renters with furniture essentials—a place to sleep, a sofa and/or desk, lighting, and storage. This saves a ton of money on up-front costs, such as buying furniture and paying moving companies — which can run you thousands of dollars.

With a Semi-Furnished apartment, you get the ease and convenience of fully-furnished with the cost and flexibility of unfurnished.

What is a Semi-Furnished Apartment?

First, let’s talk about what it’s not.

A Semi-Furnished apartment is not a fully furnished apartment. A fully furnished apartment typically includes all the furniture you would need for your space, including couches, lamps, dinnerware and even decor. This option is ideal for those who want to be completely move-in ready or someone who doesn’t plan to stay at the apartment very long. However, it removes any ability to decorate your space in your personal style. They also tend to be more expensive to rent, plus a higher security deposit to offset possible damages. 

A Semi-Furnished apartment is also not an unfurnished apartment. Considered the industry standard, unfurnished apartments are a blank canvas with empty rooms. Empty apartments require a long purchasing and decision-making process, buying everything from side tables to additional closet storage—and of course assembling all that furniture. If you plan to bring your old furniture, you can expect to deal with negotiating with expensive movers, broken belongings, or furniture that doesn’t fit in your new space.

A Semi-Furnished Apartment is a rental property that falls in the sweet spot between. In a Semi-Furnished apartment, you can expect only the essentials: a bed frame, a mattress, and a desk and/or sofa.

By providing minimal yet necessary furniture built-in to your space, it is the most convenient and personalizable option for most apartment seekers.

A Semi-Furnished Apartment with an expandable Ori Pocket Desk.

Advantages of Semi-Furnished Apartments:

Live in your dream city, move right in, and save money. It’s a win-win-win.

Convenient Set-Up: Sleep in a real bed the same day you move in, no purchasing or setup required. With large key furniture pieces already provided, moving requires less time and effort. You can settle in quickly without the worry of purchasing, moving, and building major pieces, allowing you to plop right down on the couch after carrying in your boxes. Semi-Furnished apartments remove the worry of moving to a new city because you immediately have a place that feels like home.

Flexibility: Semi-Furnished apartments offer the freedom to personalize your living space according to your taste and preferences. With basic, sleek furniture already in place, renters can focus on adding their own smaller furniture, decor, and personal touches to create a space that feels like home. Plus when it’s time to move out in a year or two, you can move out and move up with ease. Say goodbye to removing large, cumbersome furniture pieces. 

Cost-Effective: Compared to fully furnished apartments, Semi-Furnished options are more budget-friendly. While the initial cost may only be slightly higher than an unfurnished apartment (but not always!), the inclusion of essential furniture can significantly reduce the upfront costs of moving into a new place.

A Semi-Furnished Apartment with an expandable Ori Cloud Bed.

Are there any downsides to Semi-Furnished apartments?

Of course, not every solution is the right fit for every person. If you have lots of heirloom furniture that you can’t bear to part with, a Semi-Furnished apartment may not be the right fit for you. Semi-Furnished apartments are perfect, however, for first-time apartment seekers, people relocating, and those wanting to downsize.

A Semi-Furnished apartment with a couple enjoying their Ori Expandable Furniture.

Where can I find Semi-Furnished Apartments?

Ori Semi-Furnished apartments are in over 50 cities and redefine what furnished living can offer. With all the essential furniture built-in and flexibility to add your personal touch, Ori provides a seamless transition to a new living space.

Enjoy the luxury of desirable neighborhoods, cost savings, and the opportunity to create a space that truly feels like home. Explore Ori's Semi-Furnished apartments and embrace a new way of living.

Find your future Semi-Furnished apartment now.

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You deserve to focus on the excitement of moving to a new place, not spend time worrying about how you’ll get there. Ori has Semi-Furnished apartments in over 50 cities with unique space-saving expandable furniture to allow you not only to relocate with ease, but to provide a reliable solution to save you time and money.