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What Questions Should I Ask on an Apartment Tour?

Yvonne Boulay
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Knowledge is power when it comes to touring apartments. 

When you're on an apartment tour, it's essential to ask questions to gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

In addition to asking the right questions, remember to take notes and pictures during the tour. You may think you will remember every unit you see, but the more tours you do – especially in the same weekend – you’ll be glad you have something to jog your memory.

“What’s the monthly rent for this unit?”

Even if you’ve checked the rent prior to your tour, it’s best to double check monthly rent and what utilities you’re responsible for. Rental prices change quite frequently and can vary depending on your move-in date. If you’re touring a few months before you plan to move, it’s worth asking if you are able to lock in a price.

“Are there any additional fees that are included or would be added to that number?”

Ask if there are any additional fees for pest control, pets, or parking. Additionally, you should ask what a typical security deposit might be for your unit. If you’re serious about renting the unit, you need to confirm all of this information to be able to budget properly.

“Can I see the building amenities?”

Leasing agents should show you the common areas, building laundry, and pool. If for some reason they do not show you building amenities on your tour, just ask. Additionally, if they only walk you by the door of the amenities, ask if you can pop your head in for a better look. You want to ensure you like everything the building has to offer. Who knows, you may find out that the complex’s gym doesn’t have the equipment you like to use!

“Do all of the units have these fixtures/appliances?”

You’ll want to know if the leasing agent is showing you a staged apartment or a standard one. Ask if all the building’s units have the same microwaves, ovens, faucets, and lighting. This way you won’t be shocked if you move-in to an older unit that hasn’t been recently renovated.

“Does anything in here come with the apartment?”

When touring, it’s possible you may see a staged apartment. While you may not be in the market for a furnished apartment, it’s great to know if a rolling kitchen island or the trash cans come with the unit. 

“How does receiving packages work?”

If you want to imagine yourself in your new home, you also have to imagine the mundane daily tasks. Ask to see the mail room and take note if it’s up to your privacy standards. Do packages get delivered right to your door? Or is there a package room that the rest of the building has access to? 

“Do you have any visitor policies?” 

Some complexes pride themselves on having tight security. Even if your guests can come and go, be sure if this hospitality extends to door-to-door service for food or grocery delivery services as well!

“Do you live in the building?”

Ask the leasing agent giving you your tour if they live in the building. This is a great question that can address any curiosity you may have about the building and neighborhood, no matter if their answer is yes or no. If they do live on-site, you can ask what they love about their building. If they don’t, you can ask why it wasn’t a good fit for them. Use your leasing agent as a resource. 

“How are maintenance requests handled?”

If you ever find yourself with a broken oven or a sink that won’t drain, you’ll want to know who to call for help. Some apartment complexes ask that you call the leasing office, and some have a designated portal to file requests. It also may be worth asking if there is an emergency maintenance contact available 24/7.

“Is there a recommended internet or cable provider for the building?”

Whether you love your internet provider or can’t wait to ditch them, it’s important to ask who services your building. Apartments may come equipped with internet and cable hookups for specific companies, such as Verizon or Google Fiber. Although requesting a modem for your place may be a ways away, it’s good to plan ahead for immediate setup so you can have internet on move-in day.

“Does your complex host any events?”

Depending on the location and size of your prospective apartment complex, some buildings host weekly mixers and networking events for residents to meet each other. This may be a great way to establish a new community or make friendships if you’re new to the city

“Are there any community policies I should be aware of?”

Some apartment buildings may have rules or restrictions, such as a noise policy or quiet hours. A great follow-up would be to ask if the building tends to be quiet or lively on the weekends.


“Are there any upcoming renovations or construction projects planned for the building?”

If you enjoy sleeping in peace and quiet, this question is a must. If the complex is planning on re-paving the parking lot, replacing windows, or a neighboring building is just being built, this may not be the environment you want to live in.

We wish you luck on your apartment hunt and hope these questions will help you learn as much as you can before you choose your new home.

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