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Why Should I Live in a Studio Apartment?

Yvonne Boulay
A host is pouring wine for friends and hosting a dinner party at their Ori Cloud Table in their Expandable Studio Apartment

A studio, by definition, is an apartment that has a living space, a bedroom area, and a kitchen within the same four walls.

Studios are just a stepping stone on your housing journey and they’re not forever – but that doesn't mean you can’t enjoy living in them. A studio apartment can be the perfect home for your next chapter. 

The reality is that a studio apartment is an extremely economical way to live on your own. In addition, it’s the perfect landing pad for anyone going through a life transition or experiencing major life firsts, like starting a new job, going back to school, or living on your own for the first time. Even frequent movers that prefer a nomadic lifestyle prefer studio apartments. But why?

Who Lives in Studio Apartments?

You’d be surprised that studio renters are from every demographic, ranging from students to grandparents. Some may view studios as a compromise, but they can be perfect for you at a particular stage in life. And that’s the thing – studios aren’t meant to last forever. They serve a functional purpose: it’s a place to live temporarily, for a multitude of reasons. Some renters choose studio apartments due to their budget. Some are going back to school for a year or two. Others may be testing out a new city or neighborhood as they save up to own their own property. A studio provides an affordable option for any stage in someone’s housing journey.

Are Studios Popular?

Yes! Studios always get leased, otherwise real estate developers would’ve stopped building them a long time ago. Downsizing or making the most of a smaller space is now a popular option in the housing market. The popularity of tiny homes and “van life” on social media have even bled over into network TV shows that highlight the lifestyle. The average size of a studio apartment in America is between 500-600 square feet. To put that into perspective, the average size of a hotel room in America is 325 square feet. There’s quite a bit more space to move around in than you might think, and keep in mind that micro-apartments are only a subcategory of studios, not the standard. There are 2.5 million studio apartments in the U.S., which amounts to about 11% of the total apartment stock, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council.

Are Studio Apartments a Compromise?

Some may view studios as a compromise, but they get a worse reputation than they deserve. If you picture a studio as a 200 square foot, 5th story walk-up in Manhattan or Chicago, you may have the wrong impression. You can still live in a small footprint and have modern finishes and conveniences you deserve. Almost every apartment complex has the option for studio living. This means you can splurge on a modern highrise building or a building with a pool, and still be within budget. 

Not All Studios Are Created Equal

If your main concern about living in a studio is lack of division of space, you should know that every studio has their quirks. Touring different units, even if you’re not completely sold on a building, is the best way to weigh your options. Some have half walls installed so that your bedroom has an extra layer of privacy. Some have large floor to ceiling windows, making the space seem even bigger. Additionally, depending on your city and neighborhood, some could have secret lofts, patio areas, built-in storage solutions, or balconies that increase your livable area.

Saving on Rent is More Than Just Money in Your Pocket

Rent prices are not based solely on square footage, they are also driven by location. If you have a dream city or ideal neighborhood you would like to live in, apartments in that area may be way out of your price range. A studio may be the most affordable way to make that leap on your next adventure. If an in-unit washer and dryer, being close to public transportation, and a safe location are also on your list of non-negotiables, the price of a studio apartment may allow you to have everything on your checklist. 

A Studio Doesn’t Have to Restrict Your Lifestyle

If you’re hesitating to commit to studio living, you may be doubting if it would be the right fit for your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re an extrovert scared to live on your own, or you love to host and are afraid there won’t be enough room for you and your friends. Admittedly, the size of studios can restrict how many people you can invite over. However, it will also encourage you to socialize outside of your apartment and get to know your city a bit better. 

If you’re used to living with roommates, living on your own may be an overwhelming change. However, the freedom to move about your space when and how you please is priceless. Privacy is often an overlooked benefit, but will make you feel more comfortable in your space.

With rent prices on the rise and the cost per square foot increasing, a smaller space means cheaper rent. If you don’t have the means to comfortably afford a 1 or 2-bedroom, or you simply prefer not to live with roommates, you may be considering a studio.

Contrary to popular belief, studio living doesn’t have to be a compromise. Studios feel bigger and better with Ori.

Ori makes Expandable Studio Apartments. Ori will allow you to have a clear division of space so you’re not eating where you work and working where you sleep. With all the essential furniture built-in and freedom to transform your space, Ori provides a seamless transition into your new apartment. Enjoy the luxury of desirable neighborhoods, cost savings, and the opportunity to create a space that adapts to your lifestyle.

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