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Explore Ori's Experience Suite with YouTuber and Real Estate Agent Caira Button

Caira Button

Caira Button, a real estate agent and YouTube creator, is passionate about life in the big city. In her latest video for her channel, she tours the Ori Experience Studio in New York City, which showcases Ori's different furniture pieces designed for small spaces.

While Caira calls Chicago home, she made a special trip out to NYC to check out the Experience Suite and see some more Ori products firsthand.

Her tour video starts with the Cloud Bed. Caira points out that with the Cloud bed, you don't have to take off all your bedding when you put it away like you would with a Murphy bed. And of course, the Cloud Bed is designed with safety in mind—a fact she demonstrates by showing exactly how it will stop and retract when it encounters an obstacle.

Next, Caira shows the Pocket Closet, which is a combination of a built-in shelf and a walk-in closet. This system looks like a set of beautiful shelves, but with the push of a button, it transforms into a spacious closet with lots of storage space. There are even lights on top to help you see everything clearly. It's perfect for people who need a lot of storage space but don't want to sacrifice livable square footage.

Lastly, Caira shows off the Pocket Office—which she says is her favorite of the three! On the outside, you have a TV console that transforms into a home office with just the push of a button. It has plenty of storage space for all your office supplies, including a place to store your desk chair when it's not in use. It's perfect for people who work from home and want a separate space for their office but don't want their apartment to feel like a workspace.

Be sure to subscribe to Caira’s YouTube channel, especially if you love Chicago as much as she does! Special thanks to Caira for coming out to the Ori Experience Suite and sharing her experience with her audience.