Expandable Studio A

A smarter starter apartment

Move right in with built-in essentials that double your space

Moving into your first apartment is easier when the essentials are taken care of. With Ori Cloud Bed, you get a comfortable bed and a stylish living room setup in one technology-powered piece. With the touch of a button, the bed floats up into the ceiling, revealing a sofa and coffee table that’s ready for guests from day one. Crafted from Spanish poplar, the Cloud Bed creates a space that’s cozy, productive and perfect for entertaining — whatever you need in the moment. The airy, architectural design features smart details like built-in storage and recessed lighting, so you have more of what you need from day one. From hiding clutter to making room for guests to creating a private refuge for relaxation, it’s an apartment that truly makes room for you.

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Included with this apartment:

Cloud Bed, Sofa Edition

and/or a

Pocket Closet

Disappearing Bed

Enjoy the luxury of a Queen bed, without losing an inch of living space. The included 8" memory-foam mattress provides a cool and comfortable night's sleep

Built-in Sofa

Sit back and relax on the plush, built-in sofa, featuring clean lines and a beautifully textured finish that compliments any decor

LED Lighting

Bask in the warm, ambient glow of hidden LED lights that beautifully accentuate the product and the space, creating a customizable atmosphere for any circumstance

Ample Storage

Enjoy double the storage of a standard apartment, with flexible shelving that can be adjusted to fit any storage need.

Fold-Down Desk

Work or entertain on a multi-purpose surface. Easily opened to use, and easily closed to hide any mess when you're done.

LED Lighting

See exactly what you're wearing, with built-in LED lighting that casts a warm yet effective glow onto your space.

Exterior Display Shelves

Exposed shelves on the front of the Pocket Closet are the perfect place for books, plants, or art.

From cramped & cluttered, to spacious & beautiful

From cramped and cluttered...

...to spacious and beautiful.

More space. More safe. More style.
Oh, and a lot more fun.
Oh, and a lot more fun.

Meet the Ori Square

Make a change with just a touch. The Ori Square lets you control your space as easily as you turn on the lights. Make small adjustments to lighting or position or use the convenient presets to expand your home.

There's an app for that

Transform your space remotely with the Ori App. Bring out your bed before you get home, or adjust the lights without getting out from under the covers. You can also use the Ori App to set-up a connection with Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices.

Hey Google...

Expand your space without leaving the couch. Ori integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices so you can move the unit or adjust the lights with just your voice. Tell Ori to open your closet, bring out your bed, or turn off the lights.

Expandable means more, for lessfor less

The Problem

Paying for more square footage, additional rooms, walk in closets, and essential furniture costs force most of us to compromise on location, amenities, and overall quality of life.

The Ori Solution

Expandable Apartments give you more square footage without adding square footage, meaning, you can live where you want with the space you need. Live in a better location with better amenities, and spend less money overall and maintain a higher disposable income. Live a more balanced, higher quality of life.

Don't trust us. Trust residents.residents

"When I saw it, I just fell in love."

- Naquaisa B.

"This is the future. It’s like having all the space of a one bedroom, but only paying for a studio."

- Matt W.

"I’m really excited when I come home."

- Summer H.

"Having that extra storage is crucial. I'd probably have to get rid of a lot of clothes."

- Evan W.