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Pocket Studio

Rent from:
$1225-$2255 /month
Tennis Court
Hot Tub
Zen Garden
Car Wash Area
Pet Washing Station
Community Wide WiFi
Package Service
Media Center/Movie Theater
Storage Space
Conference Rooms
Laundry Service
Dry Cleaning Service
EV Charging
Pet Care
Cable Ready
High Speed Internet Access
Queen size memory foam mattress included
Pet Care
Basketball Court
Movie Theatre
Bicycle Storage
Contact leasing for full list
Roof Terrace
Laundry Facilities
Business Center
Controlled Access
Pet Play Area
Fitness Center
Swimming Pool
Air Conditioning
In-Unit Washer/Dryer
Memory Foam Mattress
Spanish Poplar
Display Shelving
Canopy Lighting
Fold-down Desk
Ample Storage
Hidden Storage Drawers
Convenient Cupboards
Executive Desk
TV Stand
Expandable Hanging Space
Convenient Outlets
Plush Cushions
Ambient LED Lighting

Essential furniture from day one

Live with expertly designed pieces that elevate your rental experience.

A studio that moves to fit your lifestyle

Expand your floor plan's usable space so you no longer have to eat where you sleep.

Explore cities with 

Pocket Studio

More than just an apartment

Modern Amenities
Experience the comfort and convenience of luxury building facilities and in-unit features.
Convenient Locations
Live in safe and lively neighborhoods close to public transportation.
Seamless Transformation
Open, close, or lock your Ori with a push of a button, manually or digitally.

Ryan's Modern Home in Chicago, Featuring the Pocket Studio Lite

How this design-conscious Chicago consultant uses Ori to maximize his studio space.

Frequently asked questions

Are Ori systems safe?

Ori systems are UL962 approved and listed, which requires safety testing on fire, stability, materials, and other components. UL is a safety organization that sets industry-wide standards for new products – they test and approve other common household appliances. UL routinely tests these products to ensure that safety certifications are up to date.

Does the Ori system work without power?

In the case of a power outage, Ori systems automatically revert to “manual mode” and can be moved by hand. Simply push or pull the system to raise or lower the bed.

Does the Ori system work with added bedding and pillows?

Yes, Ori systems are designed to function with added bedding and pillows. The Cloud Bed operates with a counterweight system, so additional bedding over a certain threshold may prevent it from raising. In this case, the Cloud Bed comes equipped with a separate, removable weight under the mattress – simply remove the spare weight to rebalance the bed.

Will the system move if someone or something is in the way?

No. Ori’s proprietary obstacle detection automatically stops all movement when the system feels a small amount of pressure – just the force of just two fingers! The motors used to move the furniture are smaller than you might think. Any hindrance will stall the motor, and our technology will retract.

Will the Cloud Bed raise if someone or something is on the bed?

No, the weight of a person will stall the motor, preventing the bed from moving. The Cloud Bed is designed using a counterweight system: the weight of the bed is held by a steel frame and very little force is actually required to lift and lower the bed. The mattress, bedding and pillows are light enough for the system to lift, but the bed will not function with additional weight.