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We Make Better Studios.

Yvonne Boulay
Ori Studio apartments expand to your lifestyle and are semi-furnished for your convenience.

There are plenty of reasons why you should live in a studio, especially if it’s your first apartment or your first time living in a new city. Studio living is a great way to live without roommates in a desirable neighborhood within your budget.

But what do you think of when you think of studios? Shoebox? Cramped? The only affordable option for the location you want?

Ori is on a mission to disrupt this narrative and introduce a new way of living. Studios are just a stepping stone on your housing journey and they’re not forever – but that doesn't mean you can’t enjoy living in them. Contrary to popular belief, studio living doesn’t have to be a compromise.

We make better studios.

Ori Studios are Expandable and Semi-Furnished.


Transforming at a push of a button

Instead of feeling claustrophobic in the space where you should feel the most comfortable, you get one bedroom living for the price of a studio. Ori Studios move with a simple touch of a button to optimize your floor plan.

Studio living no longer means eating where you sleep and sleeping where you work.

Ori makes better studios by creating a clear division of space within the same four walls.

Ori Pocket Studio doubles your square footage.

Studio living no longer means wasted space.

Ori makes better studios by utilizing vertical space.

Ori Cloud Bed Table edition makes studio living more spacious.

Spaces should adapt to you, not the other way around.

Expandable furniture adapts to your lifestyle. 

Ori apartments allow you to live your lifestyle.


Built-in essential furniture

With a Semi-Furnished apartment, you get the ease and convenience of fully-furnished with the cost and flexibility of unfurnished. Reduce clutter and move with all of your things, not just some.

Studio living no longer means squeezing furniture into your apartment.

Ori makes better studios by providing only the essentials: a bed frame, a mattress, and a desk and/or sofa.

Ori Expandable apartments are semi-furnished..

Studio living no longer means that there’s not enough room for you and your belongings.

Ori makes better studios with storage solutions built-in.

Ori studios have ample storage space in a small apartment.

Studio living no longer means struggling to make the space your own.

Ori makes better studios with clean, sleek designs that work with any personal style.

Ori studios are semi-furnished.

We invite you to see space differently. Studios feel bigger and better with Ori.

Ori Studio Apartments are in over 50 cities across the U.S. With all the essential furniture built-in and freedom to transform your space, Ori provides a seamless transition into your new apartment.

Enjoy the luxury of desirable neighborhoods, cost savings, and the opportunity to create a space that adapts to your lifestyle. Explore Ori Studios and embrace a new way of living.

Find your future Ori Studio apartment now.