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FAQ: Ori Semi-Furnished Expandable Apartments

Yvonne Boulay
Frequently asked questions for Ori Semi-Furnished Apartments.

At Ori, we make Semi-Furnished apartments that expand.

Intrigued? Curious? Concerned? Continue reading to have the most frequently asked questions answered.


Will it crush me?

Nope! Ori’s proprietary obstacle detection automatically stops all movement when the system feels a small amount of pressure – just the force of just two fingers! The motors used to move the furniture are smaller than you might think. Any hindrance will stall the motor, and then our technology will retract. Check out our videos on TikTok and Instagram of wine glasses, laptops, and even people being tested, without any damage! Follow @ori_living to see it in action.

Okay you say that, but is it actually safe?

Ori’s systems are UL962 approved and listed, which requires safety testing on fire, stability, materials, and other situations. UL is a safety organization that sets industry-wide standards on new products – meaning they’ve tested all the appliances in your home, too (look for a little “UL” logo the next time you open your dishwasher)! They continually check these products to ensure they're up to these standards, so rest assured, you are safe.

What happens when you lay on the bed when it goes down?

You can’t! Ori’s motors aren’t capable of lifting a person’s bodyweight.

What about laying on it when it goes up?

You can’t! Ori’s motors aren’t capable of lifting a person’s bodyweight.

Well why not? How is it so safe?

The Cloud Bed is designed using a counter weight system, which means that all the weight is held by a steel frame and very little force is actually required to lift and lower the bed. The weight of the Cloud Bed mattress, sheets, pillows, and some stuffed animals are light enough for the system to lift. A person is way too heavy for the mechanism to work; instead, you’ll just hear the motor stall, preventing you from moving.

Are they built to last?

Ori products are very durable. They have been factory-tested for 10-15 years of typical use and are designed to never need routine maintenance. The furniture components are modular, so any damage can be fixed by simply swapping in a new wood panel. 

“What If” Scenarios

What if the power goes out?

In the case of a power outage, Ori systems automatically revert to “manual mode” and can be moved by hand. Simply push or pull the system to raise or lower the bed. Trust us, you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to do so!

What if you lose power while it’s moving?

It just stops where it is. From there, you can manually move the system back into place.

What if the motor burns out?

Ori’s products are tested for 10-15 years of typical use without major parts replacement, so the likelihood of a motor burning out is extremely low. If the unlikely event does occur, the Ori Customer Support team will reach out within 24 hours to coordinate a replacement fix. In the meantime, Ori can be safely used in manual mode. If you ever experience any sort of issue with your Ori system, you can always move it into place manually after unplugging it.

What if a child or pet hides in the Pocket Office or Pocket Closet? How will they get out?

To prevent accidents like these, each Ori system can be locked with a combination pin, entered either on the Control Panel or via the app. 

What if the bed legs snap?

The Cloud Bed can withstand over 1,000 pounds, with legs made from solid Ash wood. Ash is one of the most commonly used woods in furniture given it is both lightweight and extremely durable. In fact, Babe Ruth’s baseball bat was also made from Ash. If the Great Bambino couldn’t break it, you will be just fine.

How It Works

What is the power source?

A regular three-prong outlet. One system needs just one outlet. Most systems come with additional plugs integrated into the design, so you won’t lose any outlets — in fact, you’ll gain more.  

How much will it increase my electric bill?

Ori systems use around 30 watts when in motion. Here’s how that compares to other common household appliances:

Ori uses less electricity than common household appliances.

As you can see, Ori systems use just a fraction of the energy of typical household items, meaning they won’t materially affect your electricity bill. 

What sizes do the Cloud Beds come in?

The Cloud Bed comes in Queen. The Pocket Studio comes in Full and Queen. 

Can I leave my pillows and comforter on the bed?

Yes! The Cloud Bed is designed for you to keep all your bedding on — made or unmade! With Ori, all you need to do to make your bed is ask Alexa. 

If I have a Pocket Studio, how thick can my mattress be?

We recommend a 8" mattress for the Pocket Studio. This way, you can leave your comforter and pillows on the bed when you close it as intended. A 10" or 12" mattress will still fit, but any duvets or decorative pillows may need to be removed before you close the bed.

Can I have weighted blankets or a heavy duvet on the bed?

It’s true that because of Ori’s counterweight system, large additions of weight to the bed may prevent it from raising. That’s why every Ori Cloud Bed comes equipped with a separate, removable weight under the mattress. If your weighted blanket crosses our weight threshold, simply remove the spare weight to rebalance the bed.

Can you choose how far you move it?

For the Pocket Office, Pocket Closet, and Pocket Studio—yes. You can control this via the Ori app, or on the Ori Square. For your safety, the Ori Cloud Bed only has two options: up or down.

How loud is it?

It makes minimal noise, just a light humming. Here’s how they stack up in decibels to some common household noises:

Ori systems make less noise than a dishwasher.

Experience Ori

Can I get one for my house?

Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to consumers at this time. We’re hard at work scaling our business and hope to be able to sell direct-to-consumer in our future. Stay tuned to our social channels for updates!

Where can I rent an Ori apartment?

We are in over 110 buildings and 60 cities across the US and Canada, with plenty more on the way. Check our listings page often for newly available units!

Are you available outside of the US?

Besides Canada, not yet. That said, our mission is global, and we hope to reach many more countries in our future.

Do you set the rent prices?

We do not. We work with real estate developers to install our systems into apartment buildings to turn apartments into Expandable Apartments. While we do have more affordable units, most Ori Semi-Furnished apartments are priced competitively with other apartments in the city, neighborhood, and building. Keep in mind: you’re getting a 1-bedroom for the price and square footage of a studio. Still, you’ll find Ori Expandable Apartments in both budget-friendly buildings, luxury buildings, and everything in between.

Is it expensive to rent?

Contrary to popular belief, renting an Ori apartment doesn’t mean breaking the bank. We are located in many luxury buildings, but some of our properties rent for well less than market rate! Here are four of the most affordable Expandable Apartments (please note that rent prices are subject to change):

Ori apartments sometimes lease for below market rate.


What does Ori stand for?

Ori derives its name from origami, the Japanese art of folding paper to create beautiful and remarkable objects that take many kinds of forms with elegance and beauty.

What is the long-term vision of Ori?

Ori sets out to create a new movement in urban living. Our goal is to empower people to live where they want, without sacrificing the space and functionality they need. We should expect more from our spaces. They should expand and adapt to our lives, not the other way around. At Ori, we challenge the world to see the potential in all spaces, unlocked by advances in technology and empowered by a different point of view for a more affordable, accessible, and sustainable urban future.


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