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What Does It Mean to Live Large in a Small Footprint?

Yvonne Boulay
A person hosts festive party with a couple of friends in their Ori Studio Apartment while lights and decorations hang on the walls and people drink and eat appetizers

In a world where urban living is often associated with cramped spaces and design limitations, Ori  challenges the status quo with our slogan, "Live Large in a Small Footprint." But what does this phrase truly mean, and how are we making it a reality?

Ori's commitment to "Live Large in a Small Footprint" is not merely a slogan but a transformative vision for the future of urban living.

Expect More from Urban Living

Some predict that the end of urban living is near due to the perceived limitations of space. Renters don’t want to feel trapped in limited square footage. Ori challenges this narrative. Here at Ori, we don’t believe the conventional notion that more square footage equals a higher quality of life. Instead, we propose that the key to comfortable living lies in making a space more functional with less effort. Imagine living in a 200-square-foot apartment where each area serves a distinct purpose – a bedroom, a home office, a private gym, and more. Suddenly, what might seem cramped becomes a luxurious and efficient living space.

Our Mission

The commitment to efficient use of space, coupled with a dedication to cutting-edge design and technology, positions Ori at the forefront of a transformative movement in how we perceive and experience our living environments. With Ori, living large is no longer about square footage; it's about embracing a lifestyle that is both luxurious and sustainable, paving the way for a more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable urban future.

Embracing Expandable Design

At the core of Ori's philosophy is the concept of living large through an expandable design. This design is not just about optimizing space but fundamentally challenging the traditional norms of urban architecture. The idea is simple yet transformative – spaces should adapt to our lives, not the other way around. By maximizing the potential of usable space, Ori aims to create interiors that defy the limitations of static, mono-functional furnishings. This approach addresses concerns about privacy, light, storage, and overall usefulness. 

The Solution is Already Here

Cities grappling with housing challenges are turning to high-density solutions, making Ori's vision for flexible, adaptable living spaces even more relevant. By making smaller floor plans attractive and functional, Ori strives to balance affordability for renters with profitability for developers. This innovative approach, backed by technology and sleek design, makes truly flexible spaces a scalable reality, available in over 30 cities across the country.

Living spaces shouldn’t dictate our lifestyles, but rather, they expand and adapt to meet our evolving needs. We envision a future where people can live where they want without sacrificing space and functionality, and we challenge the world to see the untapped potential in all spaces.

With Ori Expandable Apartments, the possibilities for living large in a small footprint are not just a dream; they are a tangible reality reshaping the landscape of urban living.