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What Is An Expandable Apartment?

Yvonne Boulay

Space is the most precious commodity. As cities attract more people, traditional living spaces start to shrink. The result: less desirable spaces, with less room for everything and everyone. 

This challenges all of us to find creative ways to make the most of the square footage we have. But at Ori, we think it should be the other way around. We believe you should be able to live where you want, without sacrificing the space and functionality you need. Living spaces should adapt and expand to our lives, rather than forcing us to conform to them. 

This is why Ori created Expandable Apartments.

Expanding Living Spaces

Expandable Apartments are dynamic living spaces designed to adapt and expand based on the changing needs of residents. These apartments feature innovative engineering and architectural technology that allows for the effortless reconfiguration and transformation of available space. By incorporating moving walls, rising beds, hidden rooms, user-friendly technology, and multifunctional furniture, Expandable Apartments provide a great deal of benefits: flexibility, functionality, and increased living area – no matter your footprint. It’s not science fiction, it’s real life with Ori.

Built-In Solutions

Furniture is the biggest space hog. That’s why Expandable Apartments are also semi-furnished. They incorporate built-in furniture and storage solutions into their transformable design. This eliminates the need for you to buy furniture and reduces the need for additional space that will cost you thousands. It allows renters to make the most of their space, keep their living areas clutter-free, and remove the worry and cost of purchasing furniture.  

Adapt To Your Needs

The key benefit of Expandable Apartments is their ability to transform and adjust to different activities or lifestyles. Your bedroom goes unused 16 hours a day – so that's valuable square footage you're paying for! Why not use it 24 hours a day by effortlessly hiding your bed in the ceiling to reveal a living room or home office space underneath. Or, a dedicated workspace can be concealed when not in use to create additional open living space, or a wall holding your TV can expand to reveal your dream walk-in closet. The goal is to maximize the utility of the available space and offer residents the freedom to customize their living environment with a push of a button.

Why not just rent a BIGGER apartment?

While moving into a larger apartment is the right solution for some, it usually means moving further away from your desired neighborhood, or sacrificing on amenities to stick within your budget. Expandable Apartments upend those trade-offs by multiplying static square footage. Square footage is the number one driver of real estate costs, making larger apartments are more expensive to build, resulting in higher costs for renters.

Until now, this cost reality has forced renters to choose between their desired location, comfort/quality, and price. By making space expandable, Ori removes that compromise. Renters can live where they want, comfortably, and for a price that beats comparable units — without sacrificing the space and functionality they need. Welcome to the future.

At Ori, we don’t believe that living where you want should mean living in a cramped and cluttered space. Expandable Apartments provide a reliable solution to the challenges posed by urban living. You should be able making the most of your living area, no matter the size or layout of the apartment.

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