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What Comes Included With Your Ori Semi-Furnished Apartment? Expandable Furniture and Other Cool Features

Yvonne Boulay
A pretty woman enjoying her Ori Cloud Bed in her semi-furnished expandable apartment.

Ori creates Semi-Furnished Expandable Apartments. (You can check out our What is Semi-Furnished article to get up to speed)

But what is included in these spaces?

Besides living in a prime location, saving money, and being proud to show off your space, Ori apartments include built-in furniture essentials so you can sleep in a real bed the same day you move in and move out without the hassle of moving large furniture. In addition to a seamless transition to new living, Ori’s apartments are expandable. Utilizing all of your square footage allows you to pay studio rent for one bedroom living, and gives you enough space to actually invite friends over to your studio.

Now let’s run you through the basics of what multi-use furniture options you can expect in an Ori apartment.

The Basics

All Ori Semi-Furnished Apartments are controlled by the Ori Square. This screenless access point allows you to open, close, lock, and adjust the lighting of your expandable furniture. Additionally, you can sync your furniture with all major smart-home devices, allowing you to control your space with a simple voice command.

Not home? No problem. You can also control your Ori remotely with the Ori app.

Ori Cloud Bed

Enjoy the luxury of a Queen bed, without losing an inch of living space. The disappearing bed has an 8" memory foam mattress that is included. Yep, you heard that right. Get a cool and comfortable night's sleep without removing your pillows or comforter, either.

A woman sleeping in her comfy Ori Cloud Bed with her dog.
Included in the Studio A, Studio B, Studio C, Studio E apartment layouts.

The Ori Cloud Bed has three possible furniture options to utilize your space below:

Built-in Sofa

Comfortable bed and a stylish living room setup in one technology-powered piece. Sit back and relax on the plush, built-in sofa, featuring clean lines and a beautifully textured finish that compliments any decor. 

A man reading a book on a sleek, built-in sofa.
Included in the Studio A and Studio E apartment layouts.

Pop-Up Table

A table that comes and goes as you need it to comfortably work or dine in your studio. The built-in executive desk is 2 1/2-foot deep and 4 1/2-foot wide, perfect for a place setting of 4 or your laptop so you can work from home.

Cloud Bed with large table underneath.
Included in the Studio B apartment layout.

Fold-Down Desk

Work or entertain on a multi-purpose surface. Easily opened to use, and easily closed to hide any mess when you're done. Also, the exterior display shelves are perfect for your books and personal items.

Ori Cloud Bed with fold-down desk.
Included in the Studio C and Studio E apartment layouts.

Next, you might have seen these expandable furniture options featured on Netflix’s "Hack My Home":

Ori Pocket Office

With space for 2 monitors, a chair, and copious storage, your dedicated home office appears when you want it and disappears when you don't.

A woman working hard in her Ori Pocket Office at night.
Included in the Studio, 1-Bedroom, and 2-Bedroom apartment layouts.

Ori Pocket Closet

Enjoy a walk-in closet with double the storage of a standard apartment. This closet has retractable hangers, dimmable lights, and flexible shelving can be adjusted to fit any storage need.

A man choosing his outfit from his Ori Pocket Closet.
Included in the Studio, 1-Bedroom, and 2-Bedroom apartment layouts.

Lastly, the following furniture is built-in together as a complete expandable unit, making a studio truly feel like a one bedroom:

Media Center

This built-in display has enough space for books, plants, gaming consoles, and a 65" TV. 

A semi-furnished apartment with a built-in media center.
Included in the Studio D apartment layout.

Pull-out Table

Attached to the media center, a multi-purpose, large pull-out table can create room for your workday or a dinner party.

A woman sitting at an expandable pull-out table.
Included in the Studio D apartment layout.

Spacious Closet

Enjoy double the storage of a standard apartment and cut down on clutter. The only studio with storage for everything from winter coats to vacuums and everything in between.

A woman getting ready in front of a spacious closet.
Included in the Studio D apartment layout.

Bedroom Alcove

Easily create a private alcove with a comfortable, built-in queen or full-size bed. Hit snooze and still make your meetings on time, with a bed that disappears at the touch of a button.

Woman sleeping comfortably in her bedroom alcove.
Included in the Studio D apartment layout.

Traditional apartments are static. Expandable Apartments change that paradigm by moving walls and lifting beds to expand your floorplan's usable space. Ori apartments come with built-in furniture essentials that allow you to spend less on moving, and more on customizing your space. This ensures that you can make the most of your living area, no matter the size or layout of the apartment.

Get more from your studio. Move in with essential, modern furniture and double the storage space of a standard apartment.

Find your future Semi-Furnished apartment now.

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You deserve to focus on the excitement of moving to a new place, not spend time worrying about how you’ll get there. Ori has Semi-Furnished apartments in over 50 cities with unique space-saving expandable furniture to allow you not only to relocate with ease, but to provide a reliable solution to save you time and money.