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Benefits of Expandable Apartments: Why Semi-Furnished Expandable Apartments Are the Best

Yvonne Boulay
Ori Semi-Furnished Apartments can be enjoyed by everyone!

Traditional apartments are static. Fixed square footage and immobile furniture means most space is idle most of the time. This makes square footage very expensive, especially in desirable locations. Expandable Apartments change that paradigm by moving walls and lifting beds to expand your floor-plan's usable space. Expandable Apartments are living spaces designed to adapt and expand based on your changing needs.

Enhanced Functionality

Living room by day, bedroom by night.

Expandable Apartments come equipped with furniture that hides your bed, creates hidden rooms, and doubles your available space with moveable walls. For instance, your home office space can appear when you clock in and disappear when you clock out. Your bed can also rise to the ceiling to reveal a table ready for a dinner party. The ability to transform and adapt to your different needs makes your space feel larger than it first appears.

Ori moves your bed up to the ceiling so you can enjoy the space underneath.

More Privacy

Creating boundaries, literally and figuratively.

While traditional studio apartments lack dedicated areas for different activities, Expandable Apartments create distinct zones within the same unit. Whether you’re seeking a quiet refuge to focus, a professional setup to take calls, or a private area to change your outfit, concealable living spaces can expand in seconds.

Ori expandable apartments create more privacy by making walls that move.

Ease of Use

Set the scene with a touch of a button or a simple voice command.

The sensation of moving an entire furniture set at the touch of the hand is very empowering and Superman-like. Of course it can also be controlled with a phone app or home devices like Amazon Alexa, but all it takes is a push of a button on the Ori Square. An effortless transformation won’t add chores to your life like a murphy bed. Voice control, locking capabilities, and mood lighting are both functional and fun.

Control your Ori systems with the Ori Square, Ori App, or Voice Control.

Save Money

From reduced rent and moving costs to decreased furniture expenses, there are tangible financial savings.

By choosing an Expandable Apartment, you can enjoy the benefits of a one-bedroom living space without the premium price tag associated with larger apartments. Because real estate is valued on static square feet, Expandable Apartments add space without adding cost. Combined with avoided furniture costs and moving expenses, Expandable Semi-Furnished living is a win-win-win-win of form, function, location, and lifestyle.

Ori saves you money and makes you happy.

Semi-Furnished Living

Less time and effort, more personalization.

All essential furniture items are built-in and ready for use the moment you move in. Your bed, desk, and closet are seamlessly integrated into the apartment, allowing you to save money on moving. Semi-Furnished apartments also offer the flexibility to personalize your living space. With basic, sleek furniture already in place, renters can focus on adding their own personal touches to create a space that feels like home.

Ori makes beautiful semi-furnished apartments that expand.

Abundant Storage

Maximizing your available space has never been easier.

Clutter can quickly accumulate in small living spaces, making them feel even more cramped. Semi-Furnished Expandable Apartments address this issue with ample storage solutions. Built-in shelving and cabinets are in every expandable closet, media center, and desk alcove. This can help you cut down on clutter and keep everything within arm's reach.

Ori systems have abundant built-in storage.

Expandable means more, for less. Instead of feeling restricted by your living environment, Expandable Apartments empower you to live the way you want, where you want. From rent to moving costs, flexibility to functionality, the benefits are tough to beat.

Tour an apartment that won’t box in your lifestyle.