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Why Fully Furnished Apartments Are a Thing of the Past

Yvonne Boulay
An Ori Expandable apartment outshining a standard studio

In the past, fully furnished apartments were a popular choice for renters seeking convenience and simplicity. However, with changing lifestyles, preferences, and the rise of new rental trends, fully furnished apartments are gradually becoming outdated. 

A new trend towards renting Semi-Furnished Apartments is on the rise to combat the limitations posed by fully furnished apartments.

If you’re debating whether a fully furnished apartment is right for you, you should be forewarned that what you see isn’t always what you get. 

The Restrictions of Fully-Furnished Apartments

Too Expensive

What the fine print doesn’t tell you is that your security deposit can be close to doubled living in a fully-furnished apartment. Damaging your own furniture is frustrating enough, but damaging the furniture you don’t own can result in large fees. The higher rent prices are due to the fact that you're not only paying for the square footage, but also the furniture in the apartment. 

Limited Floorplan

Fully-furnished living comes with strict parameters. More often than not, the furniture is purchased to fill each individual floor plan. This means that your living area may not be able to accommodate your lifestyle or it may be impossible to rearrange. This also means you may be stuck with a small dresser that won’t fit all of your clothes or you may have a lack of shelving for your personal items.

May Not Be Pet-Friendly

It’s hard enough to find pet-friendly apartment complexes, let alone one that has fully-furnished units. Pets pose a large risk to landlords. If they create a mess or start chewing on furniture, it is more expensive to clean or replace items than normal wear and tear. If you plan on relocating with your furry friend(s), be aware that fully-furnished apartments may have stricter pet policies. 

Lack of Individuality

People value personalization and the ability to express their unique style in their living spaces. Fully-furnished apartments often come with generic, mass-produced furniture that lacks character and a personal touch. You may prefer the freedom to select your furniture, décor, and design elements to create a space that reflects your personality and tastes.

Quality of Furniture

After making a large deposit and hefty rent payment, the last thing you want to see when you move in is damaged furniture. Especially if you’re a frequent relocator, you may sign a leasing agreement sight-unseen. This exposes you to a great risk of being unsatisfied with old, dirty, or broken items that you cannot replace.

Short-Term Leases = Uncertainty

Furnished apartments are harder to rent long term. Many fully-furnished apartments are designed with short-term leases in mind, or in some cases, may only be renewed on a monthly basis. It’s hard to set down roots and have stability if you know you can be evicted within short notice. 

You shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells in your own apartment or feel like you’re living in someone else’s home. The desire for personalization, cost considerations, flexibility, and lifestyle fit have all played a significant role in the shift away from fully-furnished apartments. As individuals increasingly seek greater control over their living spaces, the trend of partially furnished apartments is likely to continue to grow in the future.

Many renters don’t know that there is a better, third option in the sweet spot between fully-furnished and unfurnished apartments: Semi-Furnished Apartments.

With Ori Semi-Furnished apartments, you get the ease and convenience of fully-furnished with the cost and flexibility of unfurnished. Ori ensures that all the essential items are built-in and ready for use the moment you move in. 

A sleek bed, desk, closet, table and/or sofa are seamlessly integrated into the apartment, providing you with the necessary foundation for comfortable living. 

Ori has Semi-Furnished apartments in over 50 cities with unique space-saving expandable furniture to allow you not only to relocate with ease, but to provide a reliable solution to double your space while saving you time and money.

Explore the newest way to live. Find an available Ori Semi-Furnished apartment now.