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Fully Furnished Is Out. Ori Semi-Furnished Apartments Are In.

Yvonne Boulay
A comparison of Ori versus traditional furnishings

Time and time again, renters that live in furnished apartments have wasted valuable time and money because they don’t know that there’s a better option: Semi-Furnished Apartments.

Fully furnished apartments are a thing of the past. As individuals increasingly seek greater control over their living spaces, there’s been a dramatic shift away from fully-furnished apartments and towards partially-furnished apartments.

With an Ori Semi-Furnished apartment, you get the ease and convenience of fully-furnished with the cost and flexibility of unfurnished. We make Semi-Furnished apartments that expand.

But what does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look at how Ori gives you benefits beyond a traditional furnished apartment.

Fully Furnished vs Ori Semi-Furnished

Out: Limited floorplan

In: Expand your space with a push of a button

Ori's expandable furniture allows you to optimize your living space, get additional square footage, and create designated areas to accommodate your lifestyle. With multiple features and floor plans to choose from, the ability to transform your furniture can suit anyone’s needs – especially relocators, graduate students, downsizers, or first-time apartment seekers.

Out: Double the security deposit and a hefty monthly rent

In: Getting a 1-bedroom for the price of a studio

With Ori Semi-Furnished apartments, you can enjoy the benefits of furnished living at an affordable price point. There’s a “hidden” cost of moving: idle space. If you live in a one bedroom, you're spending hundreds for a space you only use 60% of the day. Ori’s expandable technology can give you the same one-bedroom experience, but with a studio’s price tag. 

Out: Somebody else’s stiff, old mattress

In: The Ori Cloud Bed

It’s not named the Cloud Bed for nothing. In all Ori apartment floor plans that have the Cloud Bed, an 8” memory foam mattress is included for an amazing night’s sleep. Your apartment won’t feel like home if you’re tossing and turning on a 10-year old, spring-filled mattress.

Out: Outdated decor, worn-out furnishings, and bland furniture

In: Sleek and elegant design 

Ori products are designed with the intention of meshing with a wide range of design aesthetics. Their simplicity doesn’t make too strong of a statement on their own, allowing complete creative freedom for minimalists and maximalists, alike.

Out: Short leases or monthly renewals

In: Typical 12-month leases

Ori's Semi-Furnished apartments are designed with a typical 12-month leasing period in mind. This allows you to put down roots and enjoy the stability of a longer-term rental, rather than being confined to short-term rentals or uncertain subscription living.

Out: Your landlord’s hand-me-down dresser

In: Sleek storage solutions

You can get double the storage space of a standard apartment with Ori’s expandable furniture. Cabinets and shelving are built-in with every unit, providing you enough space for your clothes, books, and personal items.

Out: Damaged furniture

In: Luxury living with an affordable price tag

Ori provides renters with only the furniture essentials built-in, ready the second they move in. That way you can still be move-in ready, without the worry of damaged furniture, outdated decor, and expensive rent. 

Out: Compromising on location 

In: Living where you want, when you want

Ori's properties are in 50 cities nationwide. They are strategically located in popular and desirable neighborhoods, providing easy access to dining, transportation, and local attractions. You can relocate without compromising your needs, wants, or budget.

Ori semi-furnished apartments offer a superior alternative to fully furnished apartments.

Ori provides renters with only the furniture essentials built-in, ready the second they move in. That way you can still be move-in ready, without the worry of damaged furniture, outdated decor, and expensive rent. 

By selecting Ori semi-furnished apartments, you can create a personalized and comfortable living space that truly feels like home.

Explore the newest way to live and find an available Ori Semi-Furnished apartment now.