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Traditional apartments are static. Fixed square footage and immobile furniture means most space is idle most times. This makes space very expensive, especially in desirable locations. Expandable Apartments change that paradigm by moving walls and lifting beds to expand your floorplan's usable space.

Expandable is more for less

Give yourself the space you deserve, in the location you've always wanted. Meet the apartment that moves to fit your needs and save you money.

Pay studio rent, get one bedroom living
Leave roommates behind
Be proud to show off your own space
Don't eat where you sleep

Why Expandable Semi-Furnished Studios?

Semi-Furnished equals savings

Move right in, move right out. With built-in, essential pieces that save thousands on furniture and moving, you can spend on the stuff that really matters.

Included: Prime location
Included: disappearing Queen bed
Included: memory foam mattress
Included: plush couch

Why Expandable Semi-Furnished Studios?

Because real estate is valued on static square feet, Ori's Expandable Apartments add space without adding cost. Combined with avoided furniture costs and moving expenses, Expandable Semi-Furnished living is a win-win-win-win of form, function, location, and lifestyle.

Actual market data from Fort Worth, TX.
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