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Why Ori Semi-Furnished Apartments are Perfect for Graduate Students

Yvonne Boulay

You’re a working professional who’s decided to go back to graduate school. You can’t find a 1-bedroom within your budget, and studio apartments are too cramped. You’re toying with the idea of finding a random roommate off Facebook to make it work, but you’ve worked hard enough to deserve your own space. You want to have friends over, but that would mean finding an apartment 30 minutes from campus to afford the extra square-footage.

Sound familiar?

Finding housing as a graduate student can be daunting because it feels like you have to choose between your wants and your needs. You’re an adult – you shouldn’t have to compromise on your space just because you’re on a grad school budget . 

That’s why Ori Semi-Furnished Apartments are the perfect solution for graduate students.

Ori apartments are perfect for graduate students. Graduates throwing their caps at graduation.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your graduate student experience. Semi-Furnished Expandable Studio Apartments offer one-bedroom, furnished apartment living at studio prices. Enjoy built-in furniture and expandable living spaces to make your graduate student experience fun, easy, and enjoyable.

You can click here to learn more about semi-furnished, but we’ll get you up to speed. In a Semi-Furnished apartment, you can expect the essentials: a bed frame, a mattress, and a desk and/or sofa. It’s an option in between standard fully-furnished apartments and traditional empty apartments. This saves you money and the frustration of moving, while giving you the space and furniture you need.

Convenience and Ready-to-Use Essentials

Grad school is temporary, and your time and money are precious. Semi-Furnished Apartments provide the ultimate convenience by having all the essential furniture built-in and ready to use. You don't have to worry about spending hours searching for affordable furniture on Facebook Marketplace or dealing with the hassle of assembling it, all to then have to get rid of it in a year or two when you graduate. From the moment you move in, your bed, desk/and or couch, and closet are integrated into the apartment. You can enjoy the perks of having a cozy bed to rest after a long day of classes, a desk to tackle your assignments, and even a sofa to relax and have a movie night with friends — without lifting a finger!

Affordability and Cost Savings

Graduate school comes with financial constraints such as student loans and unpaid internships. Don’t let furniture be another one — purchasing furniture is a significant expense, especially if you may not need or want those items long-term. By choosing a Semi-Furnished Apartment, you can save money on furniture and moving costs, allowing you to ditch the U-Haul and spend your money on amazing student experiences, instead.

Designated Office Space

Ori's Semi-Furnished apartments incorporate moving walls, rising beds, and hidden rooms to become Expandable Apartments. When you’re at grad school doing hours of work, the Ori Pocket Office can give you a private office space with the simple push of a button. With the ability to transform furniture based on your needs, you can easily create a separate study area so you can be productive. If it’s time to go out on Friday night, you can hide your books away to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Your space can cater to both your academic and social life.

Long-Term Lease Focus

Graduate programs often span several years, so the stability of your housing situation is crucial. Ori Semi-Furnished apartments have a typical 12-month leasing period, aligning perfectly with the duration of most graduate programs. By choosing Ori, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a longer-term lease, allowing you to focus on your studies without worrying about frequent moves or lease renewals that typically accompany furnished or temporary apartments.

Location and Community

Living in the center of a vibrant campus community can make your big adventure even more fun and convenient. Don’t sacrifice location to save on monthly rent — you’ll end up wasting time commuting back and forth to campus. Ori Semi-Furnished apartments are strategically located in desirable neighborhoods, ensuring easy access to your academic institution and great food. You’ll even save money renting a 1-bedroom lifestyle with a studio’s price tag.

Decorate and Personalize Your Space

You may be scarred by your undergraduate housing’s outdated furniture or skeptical that built-in furniture may be an eyesore. There’s a huge misconception that furnished apartments are stale – but don’t worry. Ori’s Expandable Semi-Furnished apartments have sleek, modern furniture designs that can be incorporated into anyone’s personal style. Because it’s just the essentials, you have the freedom to add your own pieces and decor to complement the existing furniture and make the apartment truly your own.

Balancing academic commitments, personal finances, and the need for a comfortable living space can feel overwhelming. Don't settle for less when it comes to your graduate student experience. Choose Ori Semi-Furnished living instead.

Ori's mission is to empower individuals to live where they want without sacrificing the space and functionality they need. Enjoy the comfort and luxury of a well-designed living space that makes room for you.

Explore an apartment that won’t box in your lifestyle.

You deserve to focus on the excitement of moving to a new place, not spend time worrying about how you’ll get there. Ori has Semi-Furnished apartments in over 50 cities with unique space-saving expandable furniture to allow you not only to relocate with ease, but to provide a reliable solution to double your space while saving you time and money.